• Botzensteiners Doctor Dust
  • Date of Birth: August 9th, 2015
  • Landesjugendsieger 2016, Deutscher Jugend Champion 2016, Landessieger 2017, Landessieger 2018, Deutscher Champion VDH 2018, Deutscher Champion DTK 2018
  • VDH/DTK N0.: 15T0500K/T – DTK-Pedigree [PDF]
  • Breeders: Hanns-Joachim Botz und Jochen Steinert, 16359 Biesenthal

Dusty got his name, because following the advice for movement to his mother even after birth, the young man only briefly saw the light of day, before he was already coated in the hot sand. Who has the damage …

Botzensteiners Doctor Dust | Dachshund (standard, smooth haired)

Dusty is a large-framed brown male with excellent muscling and exceptional coat both color and quality. If he wouldn’t had a stupid preference for chewing pebbles, you could speak of an ideal set of teeth as well. However, he had to be “under the knife” quite early to remove the remnants of two shattered molars. Fortunately his magnificently masculine male’s head did not lose its expressiveness.

Botzensteiners Doctor Dust impresses with an ideal ground clearance, with harmonic upper and lower line, a beautiful high withers and a very friendly and open nature towards humans, bitches and puppies. Of course there is a downside: he is by no means enthusiastic about other males and if he meets a self-confident male, it needs a firm hand. On the other hand he had no trouble to classify without problems in the exercise group for companion dog examination, which he successfully completed.

Botzensteiners Doctor Dust | Dachshund (standard, smooth haired)

Dusty has so far won the Landesjugendsieger 2016 and DTK’s German Junior Champion 2016. He is making the first successful steps towards an exhibition career as an adults and became 2017 national winner. Dusty is available as a stud dog for suitable bitches. However, these should be able to demonstrate negative findings of a recent vaginal smear, or if necessary an antibiosis. Dusty is long-haired as well as tested negative on the loci M and D.

In combination with Engelss Fiorenza he has brought on May 26, 2017, a threesome of brown girls, which he cared for lovingly since week four altogether with the mother, even though Fiorenza admittedly does the main work. Outside, however, he faithfully keeps watch over the puppies run while the mother is on run. Each day we have to reassure each other that we can not keep any of these beautiful puppies. But a repeating litter is already planned!

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