Botzensteiners Chlodwig (miniature dachshund) – September 24th,2014 – Klubjugendsieger 2015, Landessieger 2017
VDH/DTK No.: 14Z0115K/Zw – DTK-pedigree
Breeders: ZG Hanns-Joachim Botz and Jochen Steinert, 16359 Biesenthal

Botzensteiners Chlodwig (miniature smooth dachshund)

There are miniature dachshunds where opinions tend to differ sharply. Chlodwig is one of those. His “shortcoming” is in the eyes of some dachshund enthusiasts the absence of something, that is often called a delightful “Kleinteckelköpfchens” in judge reports.


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Zwergdackelwelpen | Edith - Q-Wurf

Q-Litter of Edith (Miniature Dachshund)

Miniature smooth haired dachshund Botzensteiners Chlodwig, Klubjugendsieger 2015, has come up with a gentlemen’s agreement of its own…


O-Litter of Nella

O-Litter of Nella (Miniature Dachshund)

Our black and tan miniature dachshund Botzensteiners Chlodwig, DTK club winner youth of the year 2015, has finally achieved his goal…


Engels Hatschepsut (Zwergdackel)


Hatshepsut was an egyptian pharaoh, whose name means “the first among the distinguished ladies”. Everything is said for us. Hatschepsut is the first bitch that we accompany completely live since conception and birth and we’re enjoying every single moment.