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Hajo Botz | Botzensteiners Dachshunds
Hajo Botz | Botzensteiners Dachshunds

You can reach us at the telephone number +493337-3999058. If you do not like to speak on an answering machine and your own phone number has not been suppressed, we are happy to call you back.

Botzensteiners | Grünstraße 9 | 16359 Biesenthal
Botzensteiners | Grünstraße 9 | 16359 Biesenthal
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Historical Map - Biesenthal

Directions to Biesenthal

You will find us and our dogs near Berlin. Planning the route to Biesenthal we recommend the help of Google Maps: Grünstraße 9 | 16359 Biesenthal.


Breeding Community Botzensteiners | Biesenthal (Germany) | Smooth Haired Dachshunds

About Our Dachshund Kennel

We have been breeding smooth haired miniature dachshunds and standard dachshunds since 2014 and are in possession of a valid permit according to §11 TierSchG. Our kennel has been awarded the breeding prize in silver (Deutscher Teckelklub 1888 e.V.).