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  • Botzensteiners Hotzenplotz (Miniature Dachshund, brown with markings)
  • Date of Birth: August 1st, 2021
  • homozygous smooth-haired
  • homozygous free of Griscelli type 1 dog analogue
  • VDH/DTK-No.: 21Z0147K – DTK-Pedigree [PDF-File · 662 kB]
  • Breeders: Hanns-Joachim Botz and Jochen Steinert, 16359 Biesenthal, Germany
Kurzhaardackel Welpen | Ukunda FCI Catello x Botzensteiners Edith

Botzensteiners Hotzenplotz | Miniature Dachshund (smooth-haired) | August 2021

Yes, yes… the colour is secondary, at best, so they say and so it is. And yet… if you mate red and black, there’s still my little man sitting there in my ear at the whelping box, whispering with every heavily spotted puppy “It’s alright; but pure black would be nicer”. I’m not proud of that, but that’s the way it is.

When our Edith gave birth to five puppies of Ukunda FCI Catello, I had to gently reprimand this little man three times. Two blacks, three reds with dark hair, that’s it. Well, the main thing is that they are all healthy and lively and drinking. In the following days, however, I found myself staring into the whelping box again and again, which is not usually my style, and wondering what I was wondering about.

Only when I switched from twilight to daylight in the whelping room two days later I paused again, for it was now clear that something was wrong with a male. My little brain, expecting nothing but red or black, peered innocently into the air with its hands in its pockets, whistled to itself and waited for me to catch on. There was something about the colour. Huh? Right! There’s no eel mark on the back. Hm. How come? The whistling gave way to a tense silence. And then the Louis de Funès – moment: “No!” “Yes!” “Oh!”

Brown. The little rascal is brown! The first Botzensteiner miniature dachshund in brown. For various reasons we had never intended to do this, but now it had happened.

Botzensteiners Hotzenplotz | Zwergdackel (kurzhaar)

Botzensteiners Hotzenplotz | Miniature Dachshund (smooth-haired) | April 2022

Botzensteiners Hotzenplotz | Zwergdackel (kurzhaar)

Botzensteiners Hotzenplotz | Miniature Dachshund (smooth-haired) | April 2022

The little rascal quickly conquered our hearts and with his lively, curious nature he could develop a charm… We kept him. Of course, we only kept him to see how he would develop and if we should not like something about him later, we thought, such a brown miniature dachshund would certainly be easy to pass on. But it did fit – and not just somehow, but perfectly.

Hotzenplotz is the hobbledehoy among our miniature dachshunds, always alert and quick as an arrow, but not without a certain grandeur. Of course, this only comes into its own when the first three rounds of the terrain have been completed and it is then time to look out for new – or even just any – challenges. When he then stands up and sticks his chin out, the previously wildly frolicking ball, from which somehow legs, tail and hocks come out, becomes a picture of a dog, full of dignity and devoid of any comedy, which so often results from the pairing of arrogance and little ground clearance in other representatives of his kind.

He has been approved for breeding with an excellent conformation and a 1st prize companion dog test. We are looking forward to seeing how his first offspring will develop.

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