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Kurzhaardackel Welpen | Botzensteiners Doctor Dust x Botzensteiners Freudenfeuer

Puppies of Freudenfeuer

God has placed the mating act before the litter. You can’t have one without the other. Meditating in this way, I found myself lying on the cold ground in the garden at the end of November to assist our Dusty and his Freudenfeuer in the aftermath.

Botzensteiners Hotzenplotz | Zwergdackel (kurzhaar)

Young Male Hotzenplotz

Yes, yes… the colour is secondary, at best, so they say and so it is. And yet… if you mate red and black, there’s still my little man sitting there in my ear at the whelping box, whispering with every heavily spotted puppy “It’s alright; but pure black would be nicer”. I’m not proud of that, but that’s the way it is.

Honey aus Dörnchen FCI

Senior Woman Honey

We owe many healthy excellent dogs to our dear friend Brigitte Engel and her passion for the dachshund, which she lived with skin and hair for almost 40 years, and the enormous work she did with it. Her always good advice, her loving support and especially her encouragement led to the foundation of the DTK-Kennel “Botzensteiners”.

Breeder Jochen Steinert with Dachshund Puppy and Botzensteiners Doctor Dust
Dachshund Kennel BotzensteinersDusty and his daughter

About Us

Although we grew up with dogs and especially dachshunds in the family from an early age, the first years in Berlin remained dog-free and then … everything happened very quickly. After a holiday care, we realized that it was rather empty on the sofa and too quiet in the flat. A few days later we already had a dachshund puppy from the dissidence in our laps, who since then has attracted astonished to suspicious glances at every show he accompanies us to. Not beautiful, but rare is his motto.

A few weeks later, the first “real” smooth-haired dachshund, Engels Tango, soon called “Bruno“, joined us and we were able to lead him to a number of titles and championships. Bruno was a stroke of luck in every respect, not least because he was the reason for our acquaintance and one may say friendship with his breeder, Brigitte Engel in Wermelskirchen. Unfortunately, both Brigitte and Bruno left us far too early and if there is a breeders heaven, then both are now sitting under the rainbow on the meadow and let the sun shine in their faces.

Breeder Hajo Botz with miniature smooth dachshund Botzensteiners Enzo
Hajo Botz with miniature dachshund Enzo
Breeding Community Botzensteiners | Smooth Haired Dachshunds | Biesenthal | Germany
Breeding Community Botzensteiners

Certainly, there are many dear people who help us with their advice and sometimes with energetic support, and from whom we still learn a lot. We are indebted to all of you, but especially to Brigitte Engel, whose exceptional experience and excellent breeding performance have always allowed us to profit to a very special degree.

Our goal is not to produce puppies. We want to do our utmost to contribute to the preservation and further development of the breed by breeding healthy, strong dogs with a good temperament. Our dachshunds should be able to fulfill their traditional, albeit increasingly rare, hunting use or their nowadays main tasks as loyal family dogs.

We breed for joy,
but not for fun.

DTK Breeding Award in Gold
Breeding Award in Gold Deutscher Teckelklub 1888 e.V.
VDH Züchterplakette 2023
VDH Breeders’ Badge 2023

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Herr Botz und Herr Steinert are wonderful breeders of their Kurzhaardackel. They are caring, friendly and professional breeders who really care for their dogs and which homes their puppies go to.

Ella King

05:41 25 Oct 22
Our little tiger dachshund Cooper has now turned 3 years old. The service from the Botzensteiners was super great from the first contact to picking us up. Even after that we are still in contact with the breeders. Highly recommended if you are looking for a dachshund.
Doreen Siewert
Doreen Siewert
10:03 10 Feb 22
Getting our sweetie was the best decision. She has settled in really well. She didn't know any cats and that gave us a bit of a tummy ache, but there wasn't a moment where we had to be scared. Also with our other dog Jack we have no problems at all. On the contrary, they loved each other at home from the start. Thanks again to the Botzensteiners.
Ella King
Ella King
13:47 28 Jun 21
Herr Botz und Herr Steinert are wonderful breeders of their Kurzhaardackel. They are caring, friendly and professional breeders who really care for their dogs and which homes their puppies go to. They provide lots of information, and make an effort for you to get to know their breed and to prepare you for becoming a dog owner. They are funny, relaxed and their dogs are of the very best pedigree. The dogs are calm, and well trained and truly beautiful. We cannot recommend Botzensteiners more!
Ute Thoelke
Ute Thoelke
09:40 20 Apr 21
Quisquilius - his name is now Watson - is a great dog with a strong character who is a sly old dog. He lives with a second short-haired dachshund in the best of buddies in Hamburg and on the Baltic Sea. We can only recommend the Botzensteiners: I have never seen so many beautiful dogs .....
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