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Stud Dogs

Four males live in our kennel, who have reached the breeding permission of the DTK 1888. A standard dachshund called Doctor Dust as well as the miniature dachshunds Chlodwig, Enzo and Hotzenplotz. On the sites of these males you will find more information about pedigrees, titles, character and the recent litters and offspring of these exceptional breeding dogs.

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Hotzenplotz is the hobbledehoy among our miniature dachshunds, always alert and quick as an arrow, but not without a certain grandeur. Of course, this only comes into its own when the first three rounds of the terrain have been completed


Botzensteiners Enzo is red-dappled. This is a very bad prerequisite for a show career, especially when he is first addressed as red and then has to be corrected. With good judges, however, he gets his “excellent” and deserves it.


Dusty is a large-framed brown standard male with excellent muscling and exceptional coat both color and quality. If he wouldn’t had a stupid preference for chewing pebbles, you could speak of an ideal set of teeth as well.


There are miniature dachshunds where opinions tend to differ sharply. Chlodwig is one of those. Chlodwig’s chest circumference is at the upper end of the miniature dachshund scale and to ensure that nothing changes, he trains as much as he can. He loves to dig for his life and is a real water freak.
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