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Dachshund Pictures 2020

A review of the year 2020


Botzensteiners Enzo is red-dappled. This is a very bad prerequisite for a show career, especially when he is first addressed as red and then has to be corrected. With good judges, however, he gets his “excellent” and deserves it.


Engels Fiorenza, daughter of Honey aus Dörnchen and Timm vom Bäckersäckel, is a strong Amazon with a passion for physical work. Especially water work seems to be in her cradle. She does not spend a long time looking for an entry into the water, but constantly sets new records leaping into it.

Dachshund Pictures 2021

A review of the year 2021


Botzensteiners Hilda belongs to the stronger ladies of the normal size. Nevertheless, she does not lack sportiness and enjoys water and loves to have wild chases with her litter sister Henny.

About Dachshunds

Dachshunds are bred in three hair types (long-, wire- and smooth-haired) and three sizes (standard, miniature and rabbit). The closest thing to “the” original dachshund, which did not exist in this form, are the smooth-haired dachshunds…


Hotzenplotz is the hobbledehoy among our miniature dachshunds, always alert and quick as an arrow, but not without a certain grandeur. Of course, this only comes into its own when the first three rounds of the terrain have been completed


No dog is perfect. Engels Tango, however, comes quite close to the ideal of the smooth-haired dachshund in anatomy, movement and temperament.

World Dog Show 2012

Salzburg, that’s it. World Dog Show 2012. When you’ve already got dachshunds by more luck than good sense that stand out from the crowd and got acquainted with a breeder who took it upon herself to organize accommodation so that all you have to do is get in the car, then you shouldn’t shy away from traveling.

About Feeding

The dog is essentially a carnivore and has a specialized digestion and physiology. Anyone who cannot cope with this should refrain from keeping dogs…


Honey is an anatomically excellently built, light and elegant dachshund lady with an excellently pigmented brown coat and a friendly, as Brigitte once quite rightly said, funny nature…


Botzensteiners Henny, named in honor of Henny van Breukelen, is a black and tan bitch of normal size. With her 40cm chest circumference and still 7.5kg she represents the newly desired lighter dachshund type.


Xenodike is the youngest offspring from a kind that is particularly widespread among short-haired miniature dachshunds. She doesn’t ask. She assesses the situation and then does; she has no doubts, but rights and otherwise she does her own thing, as they say


The contents of our pages were created with the greatest care. However, we cannot assume any liability for the correctness, completeness and up-to-dateness of the contents.


“An expressive bitch in best substance and condition, pronounced forechest; she convinces with brisk, steady movements, best standing and underlines the best upper and lower line”


There are miniature dachshunds where opinions tend to differ sharply. Chlodwig is one of those. Chlodwig’s chest circumference is at the upper end of the miniature dachshund scale and to ensure that nothing changes, he trains as much as he can. He loves to dig for his life and is a real water freak.


Nella is the intrepid secret ruler in the pack. Whether at the world winner exhibition in Salzburg, the Bundessiegerausstellung or elsewhere, she has always achieved an “excellent” in her class.


Botzensteiners Frollein became German Youth Champion 2017, Bundessieger 2018 (Federal Winner) and German Champion VDH 2018.


A black and tan miniature dachshund lady, sporty and elegant with a very good coat, clean and dark red markings, good bone strength and substance, supple and full of energy, that is Botzensteiners Matilda.

About Dapple Dachshunds

The term “Dapple Dachshund” is used to describe dachshunds whose coat colour is lightened in irregularly formed patches…


Hatshepsut was an egyptian pharaoh, whose name means “the first among the distinguished ladies”. Everything is said for us. Hatschepsut is the first bitch that we accompany completely live since conception and birth and we’re enjoying every single moment.


Miniature dachshund Edith is a daughter of the unfortunately much too early injured Multichampion Engels Tango, who is still looking for his equal, and Germandachs Nella Bella. Here two offsprings of the kennels that have determined dachshund breeding not only in Germany in the last decades have come together.

Dachshund Pictures 2022

The most beautiful dachshund pictures from our kennel | Year in Review 2022


Our Lieselotte has everything that can reasonably be expected from a breeding bitch of normal size. She is also economical in maintenance. Why that? Well, as a dappled dachshund it has never been easy at exhibitions when it comes to first places and thus subjective liking. Not every judge likes the spotted drawing.

About Breeding

Dog breeding is looked upon controversially. Its opponents like to point to populated animal shelters and manifold dog misery in Germany and the world…


Dusty is a large-framed brown standard male with excellent muscling and exceptional coat both color and quality. If he wouldn’t had a stupid preference for chewing pebbles, you could speak of an ideal set of teeth as well.

About Miniature Dachshunds, Rabbit Dachshunds and Rabbit Dogs

Dogs have “always” existed, at least since humans settled down. According to the purpose pursued, different types of dogs developed locally, for a long time without to speak of planned breeding in the narrower sense…


Harlekin, a black-dappled dachshund, is one of our standard males, although he is a direct descendant of a miniature mating. He represents the medium standard type and is a good example that the suitability of a dog for breeding has little in common with his exhibition aptitude.


Names are just smoke and mirrors, they say. This is not the case with our ” Freudenfeuer” (bonfire). Here, the name tells the story.


Engels Isiris, called Olga, is the resting pole in the pack. The brown-dappled standard bitch has an unshakeable character and rests completely in itself.

Our Breeding Dogs

Here’s more information about the short-haired dachshunds, which are currently used for breeding.


Thusnelda comes from the combination of Big Bad Woof Empire of Glory (FCI) with Engels Isiris. She is a “Corona dog”, meaning she was born when the world had no idea that soon after “social distancing”, “contact restriction” and “distance teaching” would become common everyday vocabulary.