Z-Litter of Fiorenza

  • Kennel: Botzensteiners (24QC)
  • Breeders: Hanns-Joachim Botz and Jochen Steinert, 16359 Biesenthal
  • Sire: Big Bad Woof Empire of Glory (FCI), VDH/DTK-Nr. A18T0002K
  • Dam: Engels Fiorenza, VDH/DTK-Nr. 15T0283K
  • Date of Birth: June 28th, 2020
  • Number of Puppies: 1 male, 4 females

All puppies of this litter are already taken.

Z-Wurf | Dackelwelpen | Big Bad Woof Empire of Glory (FCI) x Botzensteiners Henny
Z-Litter of Fiorenza | Smooth Haired Dachshunds (Standard-Size)

Engels Fiorenza is not a dachshund; Fiorenza is an … occurrence!

She remains true to this reputation. After mating with Big Bad Woof Empire of Glory FCI, again with the active support of his owner, Andrea Schosland, we began to have doubts as to whether …?

It was a long time past the usual three weeks before we were sure that there might be more legitimate concerns.

Z-Wurf | Dackelwelpen | Big Bad Woof Empire of Glory (FCI) x Botzensteiners Henny
Z-Litter | Brown Dachshund Puppies

However, she doesn’t seem to have too much of an opinion of the male sex, because after a really capital black and tan male puppy (with a beautifully pronounced branding) only girls popped!? Anyway, the three brown and one black and tan lady sometimes had a lot of work to do to keep the firstborn away from the milk bar, but they turned out more than saturated.

So it is not surprising that our breeding warden found nothing to complain about during the litter acceptance, but demonstratively had to tick “nutritional status good” as the very first thing in her acceptance report.

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Engels Fiorenza | brown smooth haired dachshund


Engels Fiorenza, daughter of Honey aus Dörnchen and Timm vom Bäckersäckel, is a strong Amazon with a passion for physical work. Especially water work seems to be in her cradle. She does not spend a long time looking for an entry into the water, but constantly sets new records leaping into it.


R-Wurf | Braune Standarddackel | Botzensteiners Doctor Dust x Engels Fiorenza

R-Litter of Fiorenza

The sweet chestnuts on the trees start to grow and are trying to make the winter easier for us. In the house of Botzensteiners, three brown chestnuts have arrived just in time on the 63rd day and endeavor to be mature by autumn.


Brown Dachshund Puppies | I-Litter of Engels Fiorenza

I-Litter of Fiorenza

Our splendid offspring Botzensteiners Doctor Dust has become German Junior Champion DTK and has used the newly acquired dignity…