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The Queen’s Dorgis

    “She likes dogs, horses, men and women – in that order.”

    Graham Turner [Writer for the Daily Telegraph]
    Queen Elizabeth und die Queen Mum mit Zwergkurzhaardackel Nicky
    Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mum with miniature smooth-haired dachshund Nicky | at the Badminton Horse Trials, held 18th to 19th April 1958

    Queen Elizabeth II is known for her love of animals. The dog in the photo is probably the red miniature short-haired dachshund Nicky of her mother, who was an honorary member for life in the English Dachshund Club.

    Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s sister, owned three dogs. A sealyham terrier named Pippin, as well as a cavalier king charles spaniel named Rowley and a dachshund named Pipkin. This dog mated with one of the Queen’s corgis. The offspring between dachshunds and corgis were later named “dorgis”.

    Queen Elizabeth’s last corgi, Whisper, died in 2018, so two dorgis, Vulcan and Candy, accompanied her in her last years. The male Vulcan died at Windsor Castle in 2020 and Candy left this world at Balmoral in 2022. She lived alongside the Queen for eighteen years.

    When Candy died, the Queen arranged for the dog’s remains to be flown to London and transferred to Windsor, where Elizabeth’s last dorgi was buried at the side of her longtime companion Vulcan.

    Queen Elizabeth with one of her dorgis (1976)
    Queen Elizabeth with one of her dorgis (1976)

    For the duration of her life, the Queen wanted to bury her dogs where they died. Her unexpected plans suggested that the Queen intended to return to London at the end of her stay at Balmoral. However, Her Majesty did not make it home and passed away peacefully at the age of 96.

    Die Dorgis der Queen
    Queen Elizabeth II, Corgi Willow, Dorgi Vulcan, Corgi Holly, Dorgi Candy – April 2016, Windsor Castle

    The picture on the steps of Windsor Castle was taken in 2016 by the American photographer Annie Leibovitz. In the same year another shot by Leibovitz served as the exclusive cover of Vanity Fair magazine to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. On the cover Elizabeth II poses with the same dogs as on the steps of the East Terrace of Windsor Castle. Holly in the Queen’s arms and, from left to right, Willow, Vulcan and Candy.

    In a video celebrating her 70th anniversary on the throne in February 2022, Queen Elizabeth looks at gifts for previous birthdays and anniversaries in the Oak Room at Windsor Castle. The elderly dorgi lady Candy also stops by briefly.

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