N-Litter of Hatschepsut

N-Litter – Januar 14th, 2019 (Esenika’s Edmund x Engels Hatschepsut)

Most people dislike repetitions, it is said. That is not tenable in our view looking at this litter. After all, the first mating of the two miniature dachshunds has produced our Botzensteiners Frollein (Bundessiegerin 2017). Even Hatshepsut seemed to be able to gain more from the reiteration with the chic brown Edmund than at the premiere. The only “disadvantage” of this combination: the two are specialized in males. Once again male came after male and this time a lonely girl has to assert amongst five boys.

N-Litter of Hatschepsut

So far the little girl masters this very well, supported by her loving and instinctive mother. But no wonder, the boys are beautiful enough and have no reason for teasing their sister. They begrudge the white breast patch to her, which she wears as the only sibling.

Esenika’s Edmund

The puppies can receive interested visitors from calendar week seven on and would be ready to be picked up in the mid of march. If you are interested in accompanying one of the black doxies through life, please use our contact form or call us directly on 0049 3337 3999058.

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Hatshepsut was an egyptian pharaoh, whose name means “the first among the distinguished ladies”. Everything is said for us. Hatschepsut is the first bitch that we accompany completely live since conception and birth and we’re enjoying every single moment.


Miniature Smooth Dachshund Puppies | F-Litter of Hatschepsut

F-Litter of Hatschepsut

Just in time for the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 14th 2016, Engels Hatschepsut (Landesjugendsiegerin 2013 and Bundesjugendsiegerin 2013) decided to start her own show…


Botzensteiners Frollein


Botzensteiners Frollein became German Youth Champion 2017, Bundessieger 2018 (Federal Winner) and German Champion VDH 2018.


Miniature Dachshund Puppies | M-Litter of Frollein

M-Litter of Frollein

Three boys and three girls, except for one female black-dappled exception, all in black-and-tan, have seen the light on New Year’s Day.