K-Litter of Nella

K-Litter – September 24th, 2017 (Pannoniadachs FCI Enzo x Germandachs Nella Bella)

K-Litter of Nella
K-Litter of Nella

What future will bring? If the longevity and sustainability of the effort has anything to do with it, then in the case of the K-litter of September 24, 2017, it can only turn out well. In fact the two girls, who after years of preparation with the beautiful pannoniadachs sire Enzo came into existence, rejoice every day with their rapidly improving abilities. Mother “Germandachs Nella Bella” cherishes and maintains them and despite of little edifying November weather somehow manages to make them familiar with the things outside the warm puppy room.

Pannoniadachs Enzo FCI
Pannoniadachs Enzo FCI

The girls are sniffing eagerly while their mum looks graciously at the grave activities over her shoulder. Already exploring the field one or two times and then rather carrying the straw a couple of  steps, discovering a forgotten potato, sniffing and quickly taken cover if aunt Olga throws dirt behind herself with the power of the standard dachshund, that can not afford any consideration for little miniature dachshunds.

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Germandachs Nella Bella (Miniature Smooth Dachshund) | January 2014


Nella is the intrepid secret ruler in the pack. Whether at the world winner exhibition in Salzburg, the Bundessiegerausstellung or elsewhere, she has always achieved an “excellent” in her class.


E-Litter of Nella

E-Litter of Nella

We took pleasure in the easy birth of two red-dappled boys and a red bitch in the early morning of 6 November 2015…


Botzensteiners Käthe


“An expressive bitch in best substance and condition, pronounced forechest; she convinces with brisk, steady movements, best standing and underlines the best upper and lower line”


Botzensteiners Enzo | miniature dachshund (smooth haired)


Botzensteiners Enzo is red-dappled. For a show career this is a very bad condition…