E-Litter of Nella

E-Litter – November 6th, 2015 (Engels Tango x Germandachs Nella Bella)

E-Wurf von Nella (Zwergdackel)
Edith, Emil and Enzo

That at least went smoothly! While our red diva Germandachs Nella Bella experienced some difficulties on her first litter, we took pleasure in the easy birth of two red-dappled boys and a red bitch in the early morning of 6 November 2015. The luck is all the greater as it concerns puppies of our multichampion Engels Tango, called Bruno, who suffered a fatal accident shortly before. His wonderful nature and fantastic charisma with best anatomy we will miss for a long time. He probably kept his paw over it …

To our delight it seems as if the little ones would like to get ready to follow Bruno’s footsteps in the world of the miniature dachshund. Too euphoric? It may be, but you just have to see the puppies live and you will agree!

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Germandachs Nella Bella (Miniature Smooth Dachshund) | January 2014


Nella is the intrepid secret ruler in the pack. Whether at the world winner exhibition in Salzburg, the Bundessiegerausstellung or elsewhere, she has always achieved an “excellent” in her class.


Botzensteiners Enzo | miniature dachshund (smooth haired)


Botzensteiners Enzo is red-dappled. For a show career this is a very bad condition…


K-Litter of Nella

K-Litter of Nella

What future will bring? If the longevity and sustainability of the effort has anything to do with it, then in the case of the K-litter it can only turn out well…