Directions to Biesenthal

You can find the kennel Botzensteiners near Berlin, about 50 km northeast of Alexanderplatz. Use the link Directions below our address in the map and the route to Biesenthal can be planned in Google Maps.

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Contact to the Breeders

If you have any question you can reach us by phone in Biesenthal on +49-3337-3999058. If we’re out, it’s best to write us an e-mail to


Breeding Community Botzensteiners | Biesenthal (Germany) | Smooth Haired Dachshunds

About Our Dachshund Kennel

We are breeding smooth haired miniature dachshunds and standard dachshunds since 2014 and are in possession of a valid permit according to §11 TierSchG. Our kennel has been awarded the breeding prize in silver (Deutscher Teckelklub 1888 e.V.).