Famous dachshund owners are not only found in royal houses or in Hollywood, some artists had fallen into Dachshunds as well. Thus the first dachshund of Andy Warhol managed to get next to portraits of Marilyn, Liz and Elvis in the art collection of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburg.

In 1973 Warhol was persuaded by his then life partner Jed Johnson to buy a dog and so smooth-haired dachshund Archie came to the art scene of New York City. Archie even attended press conferences where Andy Warhol passed questions to his dachshund that he didn’t want to answer himself.

Jed Johnson und Archie
Jed Johnson and Archie, 1973

Another dachshund work of art was made by Andy Warhol as a commission for Gabrielle Keiller in London after Polaroid shots of her Dachshund Maurice. At that time, Andy Warhol did not want to travel to England because he did not want to part with his own dachshund. Just as little he wanted him to undergo the strict quarantine required to enter the United Kingdom.

Portrait of Maurice (1976) | National Galleries of Scotland
Portrait of Maurice (1976) – National Galleries of Scotland

In the last years of his life, Warhol lived alone with his two miniature dachshunds in a five-storey house surrounded by antiques, art, boxes of wigs and vast quantities of biscuit tins.

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