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Dachshunds with Pop Art

Famous dachshund owners are not only found in royal houses or in Hollywood, some artists had fallen into Dachshunds as well.

A First Name again for the 157th Birthday!*

Some time ago, when I was finally able to buy the original edition of “Der Dachshund” by Emil Ilgner (published by J. Neumann, 1896), I paused immediately at the third illustration of a dachshund of that time on page 10, because of the caption read “Schlaula – Reinecke (black with rusty brown) owner R. Benda, Biesenthal”.

Dachshund with Dinner Plate

Picasso painted the plate at his home in France on 19 April 1957. The dachshund named Lump belonged to the photojournalist David Douglas Duncan.

The Queen’s Dorgis

Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s sister, owned three dogs. A Sealyham Terrier named Pippin, as well as a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Rowley and a Dachshund named Pipkin. This dog mated with one of the Queen’s corgis. The offspring were later named “Dorgis”.


Today (2016) in her proud 93rd year, a dignified lady lives in Dutch Gelderland in a former servants’ house. She looks back on a long, fulfilling life accompanied by many dachshunds.

Queen Victoria’s Favourite Dachshund

Waldman, the sixth dachshund to bear the name, was brought to Britain by Queen Victoria after a visit to the German town of Baden in 1872. When he died on 11 July 1881, a memorial was erected to him in Windsor, calling him “Queen Victoria’s favourite dachshund”.
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