Dachshund Feuilleton

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Today (2016) in her proud 93rd year, a dignified lady lives in Dutch Gelderland in a former servants’ house. She looks back on a long, fulfilling life accompanied by many dachshunds.

Dachshunds with Pop Art

Famous dachshund owners are not only found in royal houses or in Hollywood, some artists had fallen into Dachshunds as well.

A First Name again for the 157th Birthday!*

Some time ago, when I was finally able to buy the original edition of “Der Dachshund” by Emil Ilgner (published by J. Neumann, 1896), I paused immediately at the third illustration of a dachshund of that time on page 10, because of the caption read “Schlaula – Reinecke (black with rusty brown) owner R. Benda, Biesenthal”.

Dachshunds with a Crown

“They are funny. They are clever. They do not take up so much space, and you get, so to speak, a complete dog the size of half a dog.”
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